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Covid 19 Safety Measures

Keeping your experience safe & stellar!

Vaccinated Aesthetician

Feel safe and secure knowing that your aesthetician has been fully vaccinated with all COVID shots up to date.

One client on premises at a time. 

When you come to SHCC, there are no crowded reception areas, or any other clients sharing the same close space as you. 

Masks Required


Masks required

At this time, medical grade masks are required to be worn into the studio and will be removed for any face services. Your aesthetician will also be masked during your visit.

Hepa filtered environment

During your appointment you can be assured of a well- ventilated area. Your service room is outfitted with a Hepa filter unit that is constantly cleaning the air that you breath.

Weekly Rapid Testing

Rapid tests are performed on your aesthetician twice per week to ensure your safety

Hand disinfection 

Upon arrival, a hands free sanitizer is supplied at the entrance and sanitizer pumps are available everywhere for your use.

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