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La Foo Foo Facial

A facial for your foo foo!  If your flower garden needs a little extra tending, then La Foo Foo Facial is just the thing for you!  This treatment is just like the facials we all know.  There are different types of foo foo facials just like different types of facials!  Each one has it's own job.  No matter what, your lady lawn issues will be well cared for, leaving her calm, cool and collected.

The Soft Cookie

Got the ingrown blues?  Then the Soft Cookie Foo Foo Facial is what you need.  This treatment helps rid the bikini area of dry skin, ingrown hairs, and reduce inflammation due to those nasty red bumps.  This treatment starts with an anti bacterial cleansing, followed by a deep enzyme exfoliation process and gentle ingrown hair removal. To finish, a clay and lavender mask is applied to even skin tone and purify the skin. Your girly patch is left, clear, smooth

and ingrown free! 


The Butter Tart

This exfoliating treatment is just like a light facial peel.  Delicate enough for your sweetest spot, the Butter Tart goes that extra mile to deeply exfoliate into the second layer of the skin. It kills bacteria around ingrown hairs right at the start and lightens dark spots to even out skin tone.  It starts with a gentle cleansing followed by a light gel to work it's magic and finishing with a cooling gel mask to leave your foo foo smooth as silk!


~Recommended 7-10 days before or after waxing.~