Signature Lash and Brow Tinting

Eyebrow Customized Colour Tinting ~ $15


Great brows are nothing if you can’t see them!  Whether you are blonde, red or brunette, brows with some extra colour makes all the difference in the world.  Who wants to bother with applying pencil or powder every day for that added oompf.  Get the most out of your brow experience and put a little colour into your life!  Colours in black, brown, blonde, auburn, silver/grey, platinum blonde and anything in between. 


Eyelash Customized Colour Tinting ~ $23


With great brows, great lashes must follow!  If we could only just wake up every morning to lashes that look like you just swept them with mascara.  Wait, we can!  Colours in blackest black, natural black and dark brown.