THE Lash Lift

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Lift and separate, ladies!  If you have short lashes, straight lashes or just want your lashes to appear longer, this is the way to go!


A Lash Lift opens up your eye area and gives your lashes a soft upward bend.  Infused with Collagen, it produces superior results compared to an eyelash curler and without the daily torture or damage to your lashes!  It lasts up to 8 weeks and is much preferred to keeping up the expense and hassle of eyelash extensions!  Plus, they are your very own lashes so no need to worry about lashes falling off in the middle of that business meeting or hot date!  Pair this treatment with Skuttle Huts favourite lash and brow growth serum, and you won't believe the results!  Va va vooom baby!! 


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~ Performed by a 25 year certified Lash Lift  technician ~