Master Threading Artistry

First things first!  Threading can't be done by just anyone.  To be a true threading artist, you need to have EXPERIENCE and an ARTISTIC EYE.  Anyone can pick up a piece of thread but it is what you do with it that makes a set of brows, an exceptionally gorgeous set of brows! Jacqueline has threaded thousands of eyebrows and her gift of fine tuning your natural beauty is unsurpassed.  

How it works.

Threading is a technique that involves twisting a piece of cotton thread to pick up a single

line of hair and then remove it by the root without removing skin. Threading is THE best way to enhance your brows by creating shape, definition, raising the arch, eliminating a uni brow, removing hair from the upper lip, or to clean up any furry patches on the face.  It is the safest and most gentle form of hair removal.  For women who would like to pursue a more natural looking and safe maintenance regime, threading is the perfect choice.  SHCC does not believe in thin brows. Thin brows are a felony!  You will never need to worry about walking out of your appointment with brows that look like lines painted on a doll.  Thicker is better!

In a nut shell......

~ Threading removes hairs less than .5 millimetres!  No more waiting between appointments.


~ The most gentle form of hair removal especially on delicate skin.  Removes only the hair and follicle.  



~ Will not cause premature wrinkling or pigmentation marks as many waxes do.


~ Minimal redness after procedure.  No “down time” required!


~ Creates minimal waste so it's environmentally friendly too!

Eyebrow Design ~ $22


Upper Lip and Lower Lip ~ $12


Chin and/or Jaw Line ~ $8


Cheeks and/or Sideburns ~ $10


Hairline ~ $8

Full face threading (includes all the above) ~ $45