Who's That Girl?

As a young model working in a very body conscious and beauty focused industry, Jacqueline developed a keen awareness and appreciation of the talent and creativity it takes to enhance one’s own beauty, naturally.  After training at the Toronto School of Aesthetics under the late, Toronto spa owner, aesthetician and teacher Sudi Sarrafzadeh, she graduated with honours.   Sudi’s entrepreneurial spirit was infectious and Jacqueline caught the bug!  After mastering her craft, Skuttle Hut Coochie Cut was born in 2001 and it has been her baby ever since!


Jacqueline is a top certified Aesthetician who rises high above the average waxing or threading technician with advanced knowledge encompassing all aspects of skin care, and offers experience and great insight to her clients. With experience comes knowledge and Jacqueline has all the best tips and tricks up her sleeve.  She has a warm, bubbly personality and brings patience and understanding to her clients concerns and needs, making it a fun and enjoyable experience.  Jacqueline is a beauty expert who also brings great artistic ability to her craft making her THE brow threading Queen of Toronto.  

Jacqueline de Lang