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The Legend

Skuttle Hut Coochie Cut is the pioneer of the best threading, waxing and full aesthetic treatment experience. It's been stiring up a buzz with it's name since 2000 and has started more than a few funny conversations over the years.  Just leave a business card out on your coffee table and the next person who picks it up will surely be asking questions! It has created its own cult following of female clients for the last 23 years.  Skuttle Hut came long before all those little wax and brow bars out there and continues to stand the test of time!

Unique in Name, Unique in Experience

Skuttle Hut Coochie Cut is not your typical storefront salon.  It is located in the scenic neighbourhood of Forest Hill, Toronto.  The studio is designed for VIP treatment. There is no rushing through your services and the appropriate time is taken for YOUR individual needs.  Serene, private and spacious, you are the centre of attention from the moment you step through the door.  There are no outside distractions and you don't have to talk to 3 different people before you begin and end your services. Skuttle Hut is a place where you can come as you are and be sure to leave feeling fabulous and very well looked after! 

Who's that girl?

Owner and certified aesthetician, Jacqueline de Lang, is a 25 year seasoned professional and knows more than a thing or two about all things beauty, from achieving the most impeccably coiffed brows, enviable eyelashes, the smoothest wax, and perfectly cared for skin. She rises high above the average technician with advanced training encompassing all aspects of skin care, and provides great insight to her clients. With experience comes knowledge and Jacqueline has all the best tips and tricks up her sleeve.  She has a warm, bubbly personality and brings patience and understanding to her clients concerns and needs, making it a fun and enjoyable experience.  Jacqueline is a beauty expert who brings great artistic ability to her craft. She's a veteran beauty artiste extraordinaire! 

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