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Waxing Studio in Toronto

  • How old can I be to start threading?
    It is safe to thread at any age but it is suggested to start threading no earlier than 12, unless the hair is particulary bothersome. Threading is great for young skin because it is particularly delicate. You don’t want to be thinning out your youthful skin by waxing it! That is why threading is a great choice for young ladies!
  • If I have thinned out brows, how long do I have to wait before I can have them reshaped?
    Contrary to popular belief, if you have lost most of your brows and are trying to grow them back in again, you do not have to leave your brows until they’re a patchy mess before getting them eshaped. If you keep up regular visits every 2-3 weeks, having the stray hairs removed as you go through the growing out process can make your brows look much more maintained.
  • Can I grow my brows back if I have over plucked them?
    Yes, you can! If you have been a victim of an overzealous aesthetician or just stood in front of the mirror for too long plucking out your brows till you ended up with next to nothing, don’t fret! Now there are great products on the market to help grow back thinned out brows. SHCC carries a superior growth serum for those brow beaten gals! You’ll have them back to bushy with just a little work and patience!
  • Does threading last as long as waxing?
  • How long will I stay red? Will I have any irritation?
    Threading hair removal is known for leaving far less redness and irritation to the skin because it removes only the hair and not skin. Only a small percentage ever experience any further irritation. Some people however, when removing hair by the root no matter what the form of removal is, may experience some hives or “Urticaria” for a short time afterward. If you are someone prone to hives when waxing or threading, it is helpful to take an antihistamine prior to your appointment. This will decrease or even eliminate any possible reactions. Some people may also experience a slight rash or "Foliculitis", after waxing, threading, shaving, etc. A simple grade hydrocortisone cream is always handy to have on hand if you ever experience this after any hair removal. You can purchase it at your local drug store or get a prescription grade. You can apply it for a few days before and after your service to either eliminate or diminish any irritated areas. You can also request an ice cube to apply to the area immediately after your threading to cool and calm the skin. After hair removal of any kind on the face, it is always recommended to make sure you keep your hands away from your face and free from any creams or make-up for the rest of the day.
  • How often should I thread?
    As often as you like! Thread removes hairs that have only just broken the skins surface so if you don't like waiting for hair to grow in between appointments, you don't have to!
  • Does threading hurt?
    Threading feels the same as waxing for most people minus the swelling, redness and after-burn sensation. Many prefer the feeling of threading over waxing for that reason alone. You will also feel better knowing you are not walking out with swollen eyelids or looking like you just got punched in the kisser! It usually takes about 5 minutes for brows and 5 minutes for upper lip. If you're a delicate gal, you can always keep a numbing cream on hand and apply it to the skin about ½ hour before your appointment, but only about 5 percent of women usually need to do this.
  • How long does my hair have to be?
    For threading, hair can be as short as 1/16th of an inch! So no more having to wait for your brows to grow in before a fresh “brow DO”!
  • Why is threading better for the face then waxing?
    It’s simple. Threading is the best way to shape and sculpt an eyebrow shape. Waxing cant even come close to it. Also, threading does not remove skin as most waxes do. Only hair. Waxing is great for the body but when it comes to the face, even the most gentle of waxes will still remove skin layers along with the hair and this can eventually lead to premature wrinkling of your skin and pigmentation irregularities and we don’t want that!!
  • Are there any age restrictions for Brazilian waxing?
    Afraid so. You must be 18 years of age or older to do Brazilian waxing. For girls under the age of 18, parental or guardian accompaniment is required for all services. If your child is under 18 and coming to the studio alone, they must have a parent or guardian come in and fill out the Parental Consent form before any services are completed. Brazilian waxing is strictly for 18 years of age and above unless accompanied by a parent.
  • How long will my wax last?
    It takes approximately 7-10 days before a new hair follicle will start to regenerate under the skin. Depending on your particular growth rate, on average most women will see new hair coming in after 2-3 weeks. The more you wax, the lesser, lighter and slower the regrowth will be. Most women do well on a waxing schedule of every 4-5 weeks.
  • Is waxing sanitary?
    You don’t need to have any icky thoughts about where that spatula has been. Skuttle Hut offers you the best in personal protection and hygienic procedures to ensure a safe and clean wax for intimate areas. No double dipping spatulas for all intimate areas!
  • I'm pregnant. Can I take the "Brazilian" trip?
    You betcha! A great way to get your “girly groove” back ladies! It is very popular these days among pregnant women to have a Brazilian wax during their pregnancy and prior to delivery. It makes you feel clean and keeps you fresh during those times you can't see what's going on down there! You'll be glad you did it. Brazilian waxing during pregnancy is perfectly normal and is not harmful to you or your baby. SHCC is highly experienced with waxing mommies-to-be. Just keep in mind that your skin will sometimes be more sensitive during this time. If you have any concerns, you can email Jacqueline and ask any questions you like, or you can always consult with your doctor. If you wish, for a little extra comfort there are also skin numbing agents available that are safe for pregnant women.
  • What about ingrown hairs?
    Don’t wait! EXFOLIATE!!! There are many lucky ladies out there that don’t even know what an ingrown hair looks like but for those who do, they can be a real pain! Literally! It is always recommended that you exfoliate the skin regularly between appointments. If you want a nice bikini line than you have to look after it. Most women are used to using synthetic exfoliating mitts or exfoliating scrubs to rid dead skin cells that can contribute to ingrown hairs. And now you`re going to be told to DITCH THEM! Exfoliating the skin in these ways is usually done on wet skin and this can just cause irritation and do very little for actual exfoliation. The best way to exfoliate dead skin cells and release trapped hairs under the skin is by "dry brushing".
  • How long will I stay red?
    Every woman is an individual as we all know! But usually most gals tend NOT to experience much redness after a wax. There are a few of us out there that are reactive skin types and that basically means that you turn red very easily. Nothing to worry about! It just means that you need a little extra “down time”. If you experience redness easily, it will likely last anywhere from 1 hour to 1 day at most.
  • Can I be waxed while I'm on my period?
    Yep! You sure can! Just remember that at this time you’re more sensitive… and maybe a little “on edge” shall we say? So it is always advised that you book your appointment for a time when you know that you are more tolerant. If you are however one of those “I can do anything” kind of chicks, then no problem. Just wear a fresh tampon to your appointment and if you'd like to take an Advil beforehand that can help quite a bit.
  • How often should I wax?
    For the absolute best results and to start minimizing hair growth as fast as possible, it is always recommended to wax regularly and no longer than 4-5 weeks between appointments. Waxing is best done on hair that is a bit shorter (not less than 1/4 inch) as this greatly minimizes any discomfort and makes the whole process very fast and easy. It really becomes a breeze when you keep up with regular visits and you will soon see empty patches where hair will not grow back.
  • Waxing protocol. What should I do to prepare for my wax?
    This is important girls! The day before your appointment, and for the best wax you must EXFOLIATE! The best way to exfoliate is by dry brushing on DRY skin in clockwise and counter clockwise motions. This will lift up any little hairs that may be trapped under the skin so they are all removed at the same time for the cleanest wax. This should typically be done the day before your wax. You should arrive at your appointment freshly showered, exfoliated, and without any creams or perfumes on your skin
  • Will my Brazilian wax hurt?
    Most women find waxing to be very tolerable. Even after just one wax visit, your regrowth will be much finer and softer than before. Especially if you have been a shaving junkie. You will notice how much faster and easier every wax visit becomes when you keep up a regular schedule of no more than 5 weeks between appointments. With regular waxing, you will be continually weakening out the hair follicle and will see significant reduction in regrowth! For those sensitive gals, there are excellent numbing creams at your local drugstore to reduce sensitivity. They are also safe for pregnant women. If you are someone that is easily affected by caffeine or alcohol, it is a good idea to avoid them for 24 hours before your wax as this can increase sensitivity in some individuals. You can also choose to take a mild anti-inflammatory medication like Advil 1 hour prior to your appointment. This will also help to reduce skin redness. Most women however do not usually need to do any of the above, but the option is always there.
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